Teachers in Lebanon are to strike on Wednesday of this week in the latest round of their long campaign for pay justice. The teachers will be joined by other public sector workers, under the auspices of the Union Co-ordination Committee (UCC), which is organising the strike.

Public servants are angry that no plans have been made to legislate for an agreed salary scale increase. Air traffic controllers, and public sector electricity workers are some of the other public servants taking action this week. 

The anger of teachers and others is increased by the life-styles of the many super-rich who live in Lebanon in luxurious beach-side apartments, while teachers and others cannot afford to raise families on their salaries. Moreover, union leaders believe money is squandered through corruption and a failure to tax the rich adequately. The private sector has been putting pressure on the government not to accede to the teachers demands for a reasonable salary. Problems in the country are exacerbated by the fact that, as a neighbour of Syria, it is hosting almost a million refugees as a result of the civil war there.

There will be a large protests outside the Lebanese parliament building in Beirut on the day of the strike.