"Dear Colleagues, The neoliberal policies implemented in Europe (by the European Union, the governments, and the IMF), have dramatic consequences on public goods, on rights and on the life of workers in our countries. The ongoing cuts in the fields of education and health, the slashes on salaries and pensions, the tax raid on the employees’ revenues combined with the provocative tax exemptions to enterprises and the financially powerful are no longer being tolerated by employees and people. In Greece, this policy is leading people to unemployment, poverty and wretchedness. Similar measures are being implemented in Portugal, Spain, Ireland, France and Great Britain and in other countries as well. The Trade Union movement has already responded with mass mobilizations in every country. However, this is not enough. We believe that those countries are just the beginning of a plan according to which similar policies are being implemented or are under implementation (particularly in the countries of the European South). Therefore, there should be a coordinated reaction of all federations, of employees, of youth and of all social movements across Europe. We know that only banks, stock markets and huge enterprises have profited out of those policies. It is our duty to overthrow the policies which subvert our working rights, and dismantle both the welfare state and the public education in Europe. We suggest mobilizations such as strikes, protests, demonstrations, public building occupations and other forms of manifestation. ETUCE and EI can undertake a coordinating role in this effort. Our joint struggles can overthrow the neoliberal policies in Europe. We believe that employees are going to win. We should all be together for another Europe. ETUCE has organized a Trade Union meeting in Brussels on the 20th of January 2012, on financial crisis. There, we should decide on a day of joint action by EU Trade Unions (within the next two months), against those policies. During this day, depending on the decision of the National Federations, we can have strikes, demonstrations, work stoppage, public building occupations. We suggest as our main slogans the following: -No neoliberal policies in Europe -No EU-ECB-IMF memorandums and government policies -Stop cuts on education and health. -No salary and pension cuts -No dismissals -No abolition of collective bargaining GREEK FEDERATION OF SECONDARY EDUCATION STATE SCHOOL TEACHERS (OLME) and GREEK PRIMARY TEACHER FEDERATION (DOE)" A summary of the current situation in Greece for workers, written by the general secretary of OLME can be accessed HERE.