Teachers in the Bong district of Liberia are demanding to be paid a living wage. The teachers, who work in rural areas, say that their salary is not sufficient to meet their basic needs. The government is promising them $100 a month, but they are demanding $200 and threatening to strike if the money is not forthcoming.

Many teachers in Liberia, particularly in rural areas are on temporary contracts, depressing their pay still further. An education officer from the area said: "We demand that teachers be employed permanently and enjoy benefits similar to other government employees. The department must also recognize their qualifications just like the other ministries provinces in the country do."

Not only are teachers very badly paid in Liberia, but the conditions they have to work in are appalling - frequently they have to spend their own money on teaching materials for students. Moreover rural teachers have to travel long distances just to pick up their salaries. And on many occasions their pay does not appear at all - a situation which caused demonstrations by students and teachers last year.

The struggle for a living wage for the teachers of Liberia is a long one - only last October they took strike action and demonstrated in the same cause. Meanwhile multi-national corporations continue to make huge profits from the natural resources in the country - such as rubber and iron ore.