200 displaced Children being taught in one Classroom in Liberia It is feared that thousands of Liberian teachers were still waiting to be paid as the new term started last month Teachers in Liberia earn very little - a situation which is typical in the Global South - many earn less than $100 a month, which is scarcely enough for survival. Yet even this meagre amount is often not forthcoming and when it is, teachers in rural areas have to walk many hours to an administrative centre to collect it. Many teachers gathered in the capital Monrovia last week waving placards and demanding their pay. Some teachers are owed as much as two years back pay and not surprisingly the teaching force is shrinking. In pursuit of the goal of Education for All by 2015, the Liberian government has abolished school fees, yet it provides virtually no money to run the schools. There appears to be much support in the media and among the people for the teachers' cause. In a letter published on FrontPageAfricaOnline the writer proposes: a. Our teachers’ salaries and benefits must be increased and that they are paid on time without delay; b. Our teachers must be given all requisite skills through training programs as per their areas of concentrations; c. Contemporary laboratories and libraries be constructed and decentralized in every part of the country; and d. Buses must be provided for both instructors and students in every part of the country for smooth transportation, etc. If these measures are put into place, I think, several controversies surrounding the educational sector will be alleviated. Long live our teachers! Long live Liberia! To read more background to this story, go here.