London Teachers demonstrating on November 30th Teachers in London, UK are to take strike action next week against the government's attack on their pensions The action is part of an ongoing campaign and follows a mass strike on November 30th last year. Along with other public service workers, teachers in the UK have had their pension contributions increased, are to be expected to work to 68 and beyond and will receive less in their pensions. All this despite the fact that their contributions to the scheme far outweigh what is received. Like governments all over the world the UK government is looking to find ways of making public services, their workers and their users pay for the economic crisis. In the UK this situation will be exacerbated this week, when the finance minister is expected to announce tax cuts for the wealthiest people in the country. The London teachers, who are members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) will be on strike with colleagues from universities and tertiary colleges. Meanwhile other public service workers are looking to plan more action. The NUT's annual conference next month will look at ways of escalating the action nationally and building the campaign in the coming weeks and months against pension cuts and all the other attacks on public education, such as privatisation and the kind of draconian accountability measures which are leading to teacher illness and damaging education. The conference will be addressed by a colleague from the Greek secondary teachers' union, OLME, who will be arguing for a Europe-wide strategy against cuts.