The LA Grade-in Teachers in Los Angeles in the USA are staging 'grade-ins' in shopping malls The teachers have developed this innovative new tactic, which started in New Jersey, in a campaign to counter the untruths told about teachers. As one histroy teacher put it: "Teachers across the country are getting frustrated with the inaccurate portrayal of us in the media as the cause of all the problems in education, so there is a movement to show the public how dedicated we are to our students and profession" Teachers are sitting down in the shopping centre, planning lessons and marking work. Another teacher taking part,  Scott Mandel who teaches at Pacoima Middle School says "It was great to have the opportunity to let the public see the true dedication of teachers. This is what teachers really do." The teachers taking part were very encouraged by the support of the public and were able to discuss with them their worries about developments in the education system - including its increasing privatisation.