The second largest teachers union local in the US, the United Teachers of Los Angeles, (UTLA) is engaged in an intense campaign to win a contract that will improve schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). UTLA has been bargaining with the district for over 18 months. The contract negotiations have been conducted with community partners at the table, with a number of issues being put forward that are critical to parents, students and community, including lowering class sizes; providing more nurses, librarians and counselors; ending the racist random searches of students; ending harmful, unnecessary standardized testing; making charter schools more accountable and limiting their rapid expansion.

LAUSD has refused to budge on UTLA’s demands and has just announced a proposal to restructure the schools using the “portfolio model, a privatization/outsourcing scheme that has already been imposed – with negative results – on other urban districts.

UTLA and its allies among parents and community are organizing a demonstration on December 15 to show they have support for their struggle to protect quality, public education in Los Angeles. The union has been mobilizing members for a possible strike and LAUSD has made a contingency plan for strike breakers.

You can share information and build support for students and teachers in the Los Angeles schools with this media tool kit.