Teachers demonstrate in Madrid Teachers in Madrid went on strike yesterday in their ongoing protest against education cuts This is the seventh strike in the last two months by teachers in Madrid as they fight the Spanish government's austerity measures as it tries to make public services, those who work in them and those who use them pay for the crisis which is rocking the Eurozone. Two weeks ago a mass demonstration in Madrid attracted international support, including the presence of leaders of EI (see previous post) At the same time as the Madrid government is attacking state schools, it is giving tax breaks to private schools which more than outwiegh the cuts - a factor which is provoking extra anger from teachers in Madrid. Meanwhile it has sacked thousands of teaching assistants and axed classes for children with special needs and children with Spanish as an additional language in the state sector. Spain has one of the highest unemployment rates in the Eurozone at 21.5% with a staggering 46.2% unemployment amongst young people. This situation led to protests in the summer as squares in major cities were occupied by the young 'indignados' - demanding a future.