Teachers Demonstrating in Madrid last Week Secondary teachers in Madrid are to strike next week over spending cuts The municipality of Madrid, Spain is planning to save $110 million dollars from the education budget by hiring fewer contract or temporary teachers and forcing the rest of the teachers to teach for an extra two hours without any extra pay. Not only that but the lack of staff means teachers will be having to teach subjects of which they have little knowledge leave alone a speciaism. One science teacher said he had been timetabled to teach the history of music for example. Teachers have already had their pay cut by the state government. Last year the government saved $2.7 billion on the education budget by cutting teachers' pay by an average of 5% and freezing teachers' pensions. Madrid teachers say that the extra hours are the last straw. All the teachers' unions have agreed to call the strike on September 20/21 and there was a demonstration yesterday as school returned for the end of the summer break. Another demonstration will take place at the start of the strike. Spain's economy is at risk of the same destructive market forces as Greece's, Ireland'sand Portugal's have been, with nervous bond traders increasing the interest they expect to make on government bonds. Meanwhile the central European bank is buying billions of dollars of Spanish debt to try to steady the market. As bond traders gamble with the economies of countries the ordinary people in those countries are expected to pay the price and as usual education, teachers and children are in the front of the firing line.