Malaysian Demonstrators facing Security Forces Teachers in Malaysia have been warned that if they take part in pro-democracy protests they will be disciplined Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets over the last days, demanding measures which would tackle government corruption and ensure fair voting procedures. The government of Najib Razak declared the demonstrations illegal and launched a vicious crackdown on the demonstrators, detaining over 1700 people. The demonstrators say that Najib's 54 year government is kept in power by fraud and corruption. Protestors are also against spending cuts which are being enforced in an effort to boost investment from foreign corporations. Police blocked railway stations and used water cannons to try to deter protestors. They fired teargas and water laced with chemicals at the crowds who were forced to flee into neighbouring buildings. One protestor was killed by baton wielding police and many more were injured as the security forces attempted to suppress the demonstrations. However support is growing with 300 hits a minute on a Facebook site calling on Najib to resign according to reports. Meanwhile the Najib government has threatened to crack down even more violently if the protests continue. Many of the protestors are young people even though teachers and students were warned not to take part in the demonstrations. Headteachers were given monitoring forms which allowed them to take action against any teacher found to have taken part in the rallies.