gaza-city-attack-school.jpg  The Remains of a Schoolroom in Gaza after an Israeli Attack A flotilla of boats taking educational materials and other aid to Gaza has been attacked by Israeli forces Latest reports say that up to 19 people have been killed and many more have been seriously injured. The flotilla of small boats containing aid and crewed by people from Turkey and Europe was attacked by commandos dropped in from helicopters in the early hours of this morning in international waters off the coast of Gaza. As a result of the ongoing blockade of Gaza - which has been in place for three years, schools in Gaza are desperately short of teaching materials. This situation was exacerbated when Gaza was attacked by Israel in December 2008 and many schools destroyed and children and their families killed and traumatised (see previous posts). Organisations such as UNICEF have been attempting to get teaching materials into Gaza. The flotilla of ships was attempting to break the blockade and get food and medical supplies as well as teaching materials into Gaza where a huge proportion of the population is dependent on food aid and where hospitals lack even basic drugs and equipment. Protests are being organised around the world against the Israeli attack on the flotilla.