Teachers Proteting in Bangladesh last Week Up to 100 teachers were injured in protests in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka last week Police charged the protesting teachers with batons and tear gas resulting in injuries which some reports put as high as 100. The teachers were on strike in September demanding that their schools be brought under government control. At present only 50% of the primary schools in Bangladesh are government schools - the rest are private. Teachers in these schools are paid much less and less regularly than the relatively small amount paid to government teachers as well as missing out on medical and housing allowances. One secondary teacher told the website UCANews that he has been teaching for 13 years yet he has to do private tutoring and labouring work to make ends meet: “I can’t run my family well or offer good treatment to my sick elderly parents, I don’t know how I can manage," he told them. The government blames lack of funds for the failure to nationalise the schools in the country where 40% of the people live below the poverty line.