The Crowds in Madrid on Saturday Teachers and students were among thousands of people who took to the streets across Spain again this weekend, protesting against cuts The Rajoy government, which along with the Spanish royal family, is embroiled in corruption scandals, is continuing with its policies of attacking the poor and the public sector to create 'a path to the future.' Teachers and education have been at the centre of protests over the last period, with schoolchildren demonstrating against cuts in Valencia and striking all across Spain last October. There have also been teacher strikes and mass demonstrations across the country, squares occupied and resistance to evictions. Last weekend's demonstrations continue this ongoing protest, with a maassive march in the capital, Madrid. 55% of Spain's young people aged 16 -24 are unemployed and they have been at the centre of protests. More than a fifth of Spaniards live in poverty and homelessness and evictions by banks and mortgage companies is another focus of struggle.  There were 45 arrests on Saturday according to reports, including of two children.