EI Leaders among Saturday's Demonstrators in Madrid Students, parents and teachers marched to Madrid this weekend demanding an end to education cuts An estimated 100,000 people occupied the centre of Madrid and amongst those demonstrating were Education International President Susan Hopgood and General Sec retary Fred Van Leeuwen. The international participants urged: “all governments to cease their attacks on our public education systems, on teachers and on the entire education community, and to start pursuing plans to improve education quality for a better future for all, based on equity and equality”. To read EI's report in full go to: http://www.ei-ie.org/en/news/news_details/1994 The action in Madrid is a continuation of protests and strikes which have been going on for weeks in Spain's capital city against the municipal government's cuts to the public education budget and new tax breaks for private schools (see previous posts). Madrid teachers have been on strike several times over the last weeks against these measures which also involve cutbacks to the help which can be given to children with special needs and children from immigrant communities and will increase teaching hours and class sizes. Saturday's march was the first to be joined by teachers from other parts of Spain and from the international community.