One of the many Demonstrations across Spain Yesterday Thousands took to the streets across Spain yesterday in protests against cuts to education and health There were demonstrations  in 55 cities across Spain, with 40,000 on the streets in Madrid alone. Protestors held banners saying 'Don't mess around with health and education," and 'People of Europe, rise up!' but the most popular banners simply said 'No!' Right wing Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told his supporters that he had no choice but to make more cuts. However the protestors called for more tax from the rich and no spending cuts. One teacher was reported by news agencies as saying that health and education had been paid for by the people through their taxes: "They are ours and I think we have the right to fight for them," she said. New unemployment figures in Spain show that almost one in four adults are out of work and more than half of all 16 - 25 year olds are unemployed. Another demonstration has been called for Tuesday May 1st - the international day of labour.