One of the Teachers' Demonstrations Teachers from all sectors of education in Colombia took part in demonstrations last week in defence of public education The teachers were joined by students as they poured onto the streets of cities throughout Colombia. 20,000 attended a rally in Bolivar Square in the capital Bogota and their were large protests in other cities too. The teachers and students want to make clear to the government and to the country their determination to defend public education, while the government speeds ahead with privatisation and other neo-liberal reforms. A statement by the teachers union FECODE says: "If the government continues with its policy of privatising public education, we will continue to holdĀ the banners of struggle high." As many readers will know, Colombia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a teacher trade unionist - with many assassinated every year. Teachers in Colombia, like teachers in many parts of the world are in the forefront of the struggle to defend public education, but under some of the most difficult conditions. To read more about the Colombian teachers' and students' campaign (in Spanish) go here.