Parents, teachers and students are preparing mass actions in Spain today against education cuts. Occupations and protests are planned in 30 cities, focusing on the massive cuts which the education service has suffered in Spain. Education funding has gone down by approximately a third since 2010 - with teacher redundancies, school closures, larger classes and pay and pension cuts as well as many other adverse effects on schools and universities.

However there is another reason for today's protests - the so-called LOMCE is expected to be approved by ministers tomorrow - an education act which brings in the whole raft of neo-liberal reforms - standardised testing, privatisation, local management of schools and segregation into vocational and academic streams in secondary school. The last measure is meant to address the problem of massive youth unemployment in Spain, where over 55% of young people are unemployed.  Moreover subjects such as history and geography which provide an opportunity for cirtical thinking will cease to be obligatory and in all probability it will be those on the so-called 'vocational' route who will miss out.To read an analysis of the LOMCE (in Spanish) go:here.

Parents and student organisations are supporting today's actions as well as most teaching unions. There has also been support from Education International and 37 unions from 22 countries around the world. Parents are being called on not to send their children to school and students and teachers are striking. There will be demonstrations in 30 cities and a mass protest this evening in Madrid, which has seen a series of protests over the last period. Every sector of education will be taking part - from kindergarten to university - and more protests are planned for the weekend.