On May Day, thousands of Puerto Rican teachers, parents, and students launched strikes and boycotts to push back against austerity measures that would close nearly 300 schools, lay off 7,000 teachers, convert public schools into privatized charters, and cut public sector pensions. The Progressive magazine ran an interview with Mercedes Martinez, President of Teachers Federation of Puerto Rico, about the neoliberal attack on the schools and public sector, the May Day strikes, the brutal response of the police, and the mass boycotts of standardized testing.  The interview, with Jessie Hagopian, can be found at http://progressive.org/public-school-shakedown/puerto-ricos-teachers-battle-for-the-schools-their-students-18-05-09/
Naomi Klein has written a book about the struggle called The Battle for Paradise:  Puerto Rico Takes on the Disaster Capitalists, available at


Contributed by Larry Kuehn