Students demonstrating in Spain yesterday Students took to the streets in 40 cities across Spain yesterday to protest education cuts In Barcelona there were 30,000 demonstrators and a repeat of the kind of heavy-handed policing which sparked fury in Valencia last week. Police baton charged and fired rubber bullets at protestors. There were demonstrations in many other cities across Spain - including in the capital Madrid. An Agence France Presse report cited on Indyinfo website quotes one of the student leaders saying: "They are making cuts in public education, they are giving us no option to work, and on top of this, when we protest democratically, they beat us with complete impunity.” Unemployment among Spanish young people is the highest in Europe at 50%. In schools, teachers are losing their jobs, class sizes are growing and in Valencia there is no money even to heat the schools or buy supplies. Meanwhile the new right wing Spanish government is pushing through yet more cuts in a bid to shore up the deficit caused by the economic crisis.