Teachers from all over Mexico have been protesting this weekend against the government’s education ‘reform’ plans.

Teachers demonstrated and blocked roads in Mexico City and the provinces of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas, Morelos and Michoacan. Between Mexico City and the tourist resort of Acapulco, teachers blocked the main road for hours and were eventually forced back by security forces in riot gear.

The reform is framed by the press and by Nieto’s right wing government as being an attempt to weaken union power. The leadership of the SNTE union was famously corrupt – in fact its President for life Asther Elba Gordillo is in prison on corruption charges. What is not mentioned however is that Nieot’s party – the PRI – in fact made Gordillo president for life of the union and she was one of their main allies in their attempts to destroy democratic education in the country and introduce neo-liberal reform.

Such reform has been actively contested by teacher unionists struggling for democratic and culturally diverse education in the country. Teachers and communities in areas like Oaxaca and Morelos battled both security forces and goons from the SNTE union leadership and suffered imprisonment, disappearance, injury and even death as a result. However the movement remains strong and it is significant that in those areas the battle continues.

Jose Peres Hernandez – a teacher from Oaxaca said: “From our point of view, this is not educational reform. In the state of Oaxaca we do not see it as an educational reform because it does not contain elements of didactic change or focus on changing the evaluation system or anything.”

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