Parents, students and teachers took part in actions all over the US yesterday to protest funding cuts and privatisation. Thousands of people took part in 'walk-ins', going into schools to show their support for public education. 

The action was organised by the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, a coalition of teaching unions and education activists groups, to show: "a united front in the fight for public education and the schools all our children deserve." Demands included an end to replacing public schools with privatised charters, an end to high stakes testing, the restoration of arts programmes in schools and no more cuts in education budgets.

In Chicago, parents walked into 160 schools demanding adequate funding. The Chicago school board has just announced a $100 million cut in the education budget. In Boston, hundreds of parents and students gathered outside city hall to demand more money for education. A city councillor supporting the rally pointed out the inequity of funding: '$104 million went to 8,100 charter school students, and $107 million is being split by 57,000 Boston Public Schools students.'

In Los Angeles the walkers-in were particularly protesting about schools being changed to charters and children held posters saying what they loved about their public schools, for instance the teachers and the music. Others held banners saying: 'Billionaires, pay your taxes so we can get smaller classes' and 'Billionaires, have a heart, your plans will tear our schools apart!' referring to the billionaires funding charter school conversions.

Altogether 900 schools in the country were targeted in yesterday's action.