greek-strike.jpg  Greek Demonstration Teachers are among many other public and private sector workers who are on strike in Greece today   As well as teachers, transport workers, hospital staff and government civil servants are joining the strike. Even journalists have joined in causing a media blackout. The leader of one of the largest unions told Net TV: "People on the street will send a strong message to the government but mainly to the European Union, the markets and our partners in Europe that people and their needs must be above the demands of markets.”This is the second strike this month (see previous blog) and is caused by the Greek government seeking to make working people and the public sector pay for the crisis which has been caused by an out of control financial system. Only yesterday there were reports that Goldman Sachs had been involved in shady deals with the Greek Government involving currency swaps to disguise the size of the budget deficit. The European Union is insisting that the Greek government make savage cuts. However teachers and other public service workers are clearly determined to fight back and not prepared to see services like education decimated by the crisis.  Meanwhile in Spain yesterday there were mass demonstrations in many cities over the Spanish government's budget cuts which include the raising of the pension age from 65 to 67 and an increase from 15 to 25 years to qualify for retirement.