Teachers and parents protested outside the Delhi Assembly on Monday against the state government's changes to education. These will give more power to private school owners to maximise their profits by attacking the rights of both teachers and parents.

The first provision in the bill, takes away the right of teachers in private schools to earn the same salaries as their colleagues in state schools. According to campaigners this will see thousands of teachers' already meagre salaries being reduced. One parents' leader : '(Teachers) cannot even claim minimum wage as a matter of right. Hence, once the amendment bill is passed in the assembly, their status would be reduced to a domestic servant because there is every possibility of reduction of their salaries on some excuse and court may not be of any help.'

The second provision in the bill makes it even easier for private schools to increase fees which are already way out of the reach of most poor parents.

India has seen a massive expansion of so-called low fee private schools, at the same time as public schooling is steadily run down and starved of funds, leading many low-income parents to impoverish themselves still further by paying school fees. One of the organisations to get its feet under the potentially profitable table is the chain, which runs semi-privatised schools in England (similar to US charters) which was co-founded by a group of hedge fund financiers. has also got its nose in the trough.

Meanwhile parents, teachers and children are paying the price. However there are thousands of campaigners in both teaching unions, parents organisations and education rights groups who are fighting back. Massive protests are planned. They deserve global support.