Yesterday we reported on school student protests in Chicago against school closings. Today we report about a similar story in Philadelphia, where thousands of students walked out of school yeaterday, in protest against cuts and closures. Teachers and communities protested in the morning and at noon it was the students' turn. The district is planning a series of cuts which will mean many schools will cut art, music and libraries, secretaries and teaching assistants. 20 schools are scheduled for closer.

Yet on the same day, the council voted a for high stakes teacher evaluations. Pearson -whose slogan 'always learning' is more accurately framed as 'always earning' -  is already making more profit out of education contracts than any other part of its vast publishing business. And as Philadelphia's schools are closed and cut to the bone, the city council hands Pearson yet more profits for damaging materials. Last month the City gave it another contract - this time for $11 million for a 'learning management system.'

The baton is taken up by Chicago students when they boycott school on Monday against school closure, while this weekend teachers and community members are marching.