Standing Room only at today's Rally in Melbourne Thousands of teachers struck this week in Victoria, Australia Over 30,ooo teachers across the state struck today against performance related pay, low pay and short term contracts amongst other things. 10,000 marched through Melbourne and took part in a rally where they voted to continue their action in a series of rolling half day strikes, as well as banning overtime. One teacher told the Herald Sun: ''With most teachers it’s not about money at all it’s more about conditions of employment. I’ve been on three one-year contracts so that’s part of my angst. Being 41 and having a house which is a renovator’s dream, I can’t even think about getting a loan because I’m on contract. Most graduates are all coming out on contract too.'' Another teacher said: "We are not just fighting for pay, we are fighting for the best possible education for our students. Clearly the Premier does not believe in investing in education in this state.Perhaps he needs to think about performance pay for himself." Last week the government went to court to try to get the strike stopped but failed. This is the third time teachers in the state have been on strike in the past 8 months. To read more background go here.