Secondary pupils in a school in Mauritania have protested against class sizes of over 100 A report on the Education International website says that students in a secondary school in Aere Mbar ransacked the school in protest against oversized classes. A spokesperson from SNES the teachers union said: “The Aere Mbar pupils have sent out a distress call, a violent SOS, and their cry for help is the same as all pupils in Mauritanian state schools.  The severe shortage of teachers and classrooms is a serious obstacle to the delivery of public education in Mauritania. “Too many pupils are often crowded into tiny classrooms.  The air in these overcrowded classrooms is unbreathable, it is stressful and repellent. This cry of rage is a call to action for our government.  It risks spreading like wildfire, inspiring other similar reactions, and will probably become uncontrollable if nothing is done to pull our education system out of freefall.” Last month 27 Mauritanian teachers were arrested in a protest against compulosry transfer to far-flung regions and over the last few years, teachers have had to strike on several occasion for proper funding for basic materials as well as a living wage and decent conditions of work.