Teachers were out on the streets in Oaxaca, Mexico yesterday in their continued fight against education 'reform' which is being forced through by the Nieto government. Last June thousands of armed troops were sent to the state in an attempt to enforce a new teacher evaluation process, tied to pay and tenure. Nevertheless teachers in that state and the three other poorest states in the country refused to take the second evaluation test. Teachers say it is an attack on their labour rights, is part of a corporate reform process aiming to privatise schooling and that the evaluations do not take into account the work of teachers in poor and remote communities whose mother tongue is not Spanish.

Yesterday it was announced that 3,300 teachers who refused to take the test have been sacked in other parts of the country. However in Oaxaca teachers blocked roads and broke down the gates of the education ministry despite being attacked with tear gas by police.

The right wing government of Mexico is determined to force through standardised reform across the country. But teachers organised into the dissident part of the union, CNTE, are equally determined to resist and to develop democratic and critical education working with communities.

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