As reported here previously, a delegation from the UK’s National Education Union met with Mexican unions in the National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE) in January 2018, cementing relations with this reform movement within the corrupt government-protected teachers union, SNTE.

CNTE has been building support in the U.S. David Guadalupe Valenzuela, a member of the National Executive Council of  the CNTE and director of the CNTE in the State of Sonora, has been on a US tour with a leader of the National Federation of Unified Agricultural Workers Unions (FENSUAGRO), reaching out to unions and popular movements in the U.S., to strengthen links with both the CNTE and causes it supports.

In March 2016, Sonora CNTE struck against reforms aimed at privatizing schools, undermining indigenous education, and destroying independent teachers unions. By May of that year, teachers and students were on strike all across the nation.

The backlash has been brutal. There have been killings of teachers and movement supporters such as occurred in Nochixtlan, Oaxaca on June 19, 2016 when police fired on demonstrators. Hundreds of teachers have lost their jobs, and hundreds arrested and jailed for their resistance. According to the Comité Cerezo, over 70% of human rights abuses reported in Mexico in 2016 were against supporters of free and public education.