Even as the state sent 8,000 to 10,000 security forces into the state of Oaxaca to enforce the new teacher evaluation process, teachers and their supporters continue to campaign against corporate reform being imposed on them.

The new teacher evaluations will be linked to pay and tenure - if teachers fail to 'improve' they will be sacked under the measures. The evaluation is based on a corporate model of education, centred on basic skills to allow young people to become flexible and unquestioning workers for big business. While the teachers union SNTE has supported the policy, thousands of dissident teachers continue to campaign against it.

Oaxaca teachers and their supporters have been central to the development of a different model of education, based on the indigenous cultures of communities and on the development of critical thinking - allowing young people to question the deeply unjust economic relations in which they live, which see most of them living in poverty. It is this alternative view of education which is most feared by the elites running the state, and they are determined to crush it. They have responded to the teachers' campaign both with violence, which found its most extreme form in the disappearance of the 43 student teachers from Ayotzinapa, with arrests of teachers leaders on trumped up charges, and with a massive military presence.

Equally determined however are the thousands of teachers and their supporters who have marched against the 'reform'. The struggle goes on and it is an inspiration to all those of us fighting for a different vision of education.

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