Mexican teachers organised in the CNTE are taking part in massive actions by communities and workers against a 20% oil price rise.

The rallies, protests and road blocks are happening in many different parts of the country. In many cases they have been violently repressed by security forces and already six people have been killed and hundreds arrested.

A motion passed at the CNTE general assembly condemned the 'structural reforms that are completing the killing of the people.' Mexican President Pena Nieto is attempting to put the blame for the price increases on world markets, but the protesters and many commentators say they are the result of structural reforms which have opened up the state oil assets to privatisation. Prices which were previously controlled to ensure affordability are being allowed to rise for the benefit of private investors.

Meanwhile and in concert with these protests, CNTE has announced a series of actions for next month against the education 'reforms', which it has been fighting consistently for the last years. These reforms, which open up the way to privatisation and aim to destroy labour rights for teachers are all part of the same neoliberal strategy which is destroying democracy, further impoverishing the Mexican people and enriching the billionaires, such as Carlos Slim, Mexican telecom magnate and one of the eight richest people in the world.

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