Reports from Mexico make it clear that the battle against education 'reform' is as determined as ever. In four states: Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacan and Chiapas, 60% of teaches refused to take the new evaluation test, on which pay and tenure will be based in the future. Their refusal could lead to their dismissal.

The resistance of the teachers is particularly striking, given the degree of pressure being exerted on them - from an intense propaganda campaign in the media, to the bringing of armed security forces to secure the tests, to the quiescence of the teaching union SNTE. Leaders of CNTE, the dissident section of the union, have been arrested and are faced with the possibility of long prison sentences, the union's finances have been sequestered.

Despite all this, teachers continue to fight corporate reform, which they say will bring about increasing privatisation and commercialisation of schools, as well as the dismantling of their efforts to create a new pedagogical model, based on critical education and on working with local communities. Instead they are calling for the proper funding of education.

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