The new term will not be starting in four Mexican states today as teachers continue their struggle against education 'reform'. The strike is the latest stage in the battle by the democratic teachers organised in the CNTE section of the SNTE union. They are fighting against state imposed changes which would see an education designed to provide the kind of quiescent workers which the elites require rather than the questioning critical citizens who are the traditional aim of Mexican education.

The right wing government of Pena Nieto has been brutal in its repression of the democratic teachers' movement. In the latest round of struggle at least 12 teachers and their supporters have been killed by security forces. Moreover 37 students at one of the rural teacher training colleges have been arrested. Some of CNTE's leaders are facing lengthy prison sentences.

The mass movement for the return of the 43 student teachers abducted in Ayotzinapa has joined its campaign with the teachers, who have attracted widespread support from communities and parents. The struggle is not only for democratic education, it is leading the fight against the neoliberal, pro-rich, pro-privatisation policies of the Nieto government.

Today's indefinite strike is happening in four states: Guerrero, Chiapas, Oaxaca and Michoacan with partial stoppages in other parts of Mexico.

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