The following calls have been sent out by an international conference held in Mexico in solidarity with Ayotzinapa and for the repeal of education reform:

I. An end to the interference of the international organizations, in public policies in order to take away our rights. We demand the cancellation of the contracts with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED), to stop the use of standardized tests for students and using them as instruments of exclusion, control, and layoffs in evaluating teachers. Stop the privatization of education, health, social security, housing and other social rights. 

II. The implementation of public budgets that will guarantee the right to education and of decent conditions for the successful realization of teaching- learning processes. No more austerity for the people and accumulation of wealth for the entrepreneurial elite. 

III. The defense of teacher training schools and of the teaching profession. 

IV. A reiteration our commitment to give broad support to the actions of the fathers and mothers of the disappeared students from the rural school at Ayotzinapa, in their demand that their children be returned alive. 

V. Support for the three caravans of students and family members of the 43 disappeared students, that are traveling in the United States and will meet in Washington, D.C. on the April 26, 2015 Global Day of Action, as well as support the future caravans in Canada and other countries. Demand that the Mexican government respect the rights of the participants in the caravans and that it abstain from any retaliation against them and their family members upon their return to Mexico. 

VI. The end of repression and the criminalization of social struggles. We condemn the assassination of the students in Honduras at the hands of the police and the military and we demand the government of Honduras punish those responsible for that despicable crime. 

VIII. We reiterate our commitment to maintain solidarity with the Mexican teachers of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) and for the repeal of neoliberal education reform. We support CNTE’s decision to organize and promote a National Strike. We will be ready to support these actions when they are launched. 

VII. The end of repression and the immediate release of all political prisoners in Mexico and Latin America. 

Meanwhile at the National Union of Teachers conference in the UK, a motion was passed to invite a representative of CNTE to address next year's conference and delegates stood in solidarity with the 43 Ayotzinapa students and the 147 students massacred in Kenya last week.