Teachers and Community demonstrate for Education in Morelos Teachers in Mexico City are asking teaching unions from around the world to sign a letter supporting their right to elect their own leaders Section IX of the Mexican teachers' union SNTE is calling on the government to allow them to exercise their right to elect their own leaders, now that the courts have ruled that the executive committee appointed by Esther Gordillo (who appointed herself President for life) is unlawful. According to Maria de la Luz Arriaga Lemus - a teacher activist from Mexico: 'Currently, official labour union leaders, particularly those in SNTE, are those promoting all the neo-liberal policies that have been imposed on us in the educational sector . . .policies to keep wages low and to keep employment pracarious, to limit budgets and to decentralise education as a condition for the sector's privatisation.' She goes on to say: 'the official labour unions in our country are  . . .an instrument of the state used to exercise its power. As a result any fight to stand up for our rights or to demand our right to elect our representatives must confront the state apparatus.' Signing this letter will be a means of expressing solidarity with Mexican teachers in their long struggle for democracy and for public education (see previous posts of mass actions in Oaxaca and Morelos for example.) If you can sign the letter please send your details to:  Pedro Hernández Morales email: urama@prodigy.net.mx and copy to Steve Stewart (IDEA Network) email: sstewart@codev.org The text of the letter is given below:  In English: FOR a DEMOCRATIC STATUTORY CONGRESS IN THE 9TH SECTION of the SNTE > We the undersigned call for the realization of an immediate statutory congress so that the 58,000 teachers of IX Section of the SNTE of the City of Mexico, can freely elect their union representatives, in the wake of the court rulings that have irrevocably overturned the legal recognition of the section’s executive committee appointed by Elba Esther Gordillo.In turn, and in compliance with the law, the secretary of public education must take the necessary steps to not continue to give privileges to the illegitimate committee.The democratization of the union in Mexico, including the SNTE, should no longer be unresolved, as this will contribute significantly to democratize the country.Name, Position, Organization, Country and in Spanish: POR UN CONGRESO SECCIONAL DEMOCRATICO EN LA SECCION 9 SNTE >   > LOS ABAJO FIRMANTES NOS PRONUNCIAMOS POR LA REALIZACIÓN DE UN CONGRESO ESTATUTARIO INMEDIATO, PARA QUE LOS 58,000 PROFESORES Y PROFESORAS DE LA SECCIÓN IX DEL SNTE DEL DE LA CIUDAD DE MEXICO, ELIJAN LIBREMENTE A SUS REPRESENTANTES SINDICALES, EN RAZÓN DE QUE EL TERCER TRIBUNAL COLEGIADO EN MATERIA DE TRABAJO DEL PRIMER CIRCUITO, CON RATIFICACIÓN DEL TRIBUNAL FEDERAL DE CONCILIACIÓN Y ARBITRAJE, HAN REVOCADO DEFINITIVAMENTE LA TOMA DE NOTA (RECONOCIMIENTO LEGAL) AL COMITÉ SECCIONAL AFIN A ELBA ESTHER GORDILLO MORALES. > A SU VEZ, Y EN CUMPLIMIENTO DE LA LEY, EL SECRETARIO DE EDUCACIÓN PÚBLICA DEBE TOMAR LAS MEDIDAS NECESARIAS PARA NO SEGUIR DANDO PRERROGATIVAS AL COMITÉ DESCONOCIDO, POR EJEMPLO,  EL TENER COMISIONADOS SINDICALES QUE COBRAN DEL ERARIO PÚBLICO, ELLOS TIENEN QUE REGRESAR A SUS ESCUELAS. > LA DEMOCRATIZACIÓN DE LOS SINDICATOS EN MÉXICO, ENTRE ELLOS EL SNTE, DEBE DEJAR DE SER UNA ASIGNATURA PENDIENTE, PUES ELLO CONTRIBUIRÁ DE MANERA IMPORTANTE A DEMOCRATIZAR LA VIDA DEL PAÍS. >   >               Nombre                                Cargo                        Organización               País >