As regular readers of this site will know, the relatives and friends of 43 young student teachers in Guerrero, Mexico are still waiting for news of their loved ones, after they were abducted on September 26th last year. It is feared that they may have been massacred, but so far apart from some bone fragments from one student, there is no proof of this. 

These young teachers were at Ayotzinapa teachers training college, one of the colleges across Mexico which promote critical and democratic education in the teeth of concerted opposition and attacks, both by the government and by the World Bank. They were on their way to raise money for their college when they were attacked by armed police who killed several of their comrades at the time.

Even in a country with as much brutality as the people of Mexico are suffering at the moment, these abductions of young people have caused outrage and mass demonstrations and protest, many of which in their turn have been repressed.

An international conference is being held this weekend at the Ayotzinapa training college in solidarity with the students. They would like to get messages of solidarity from around the world, which will be read out at the conference. Please email a message of support to one of the organisers at this address.