On Tuesday, we reported on the situation in Mexico.

Copied below is an eye witness report of events which we have just received from the US. To read background and send solidarity go here.

I just got back from the airport, where thousands of teachers are sitting on the main access road to Mexico City airport.  They came early this morning, by the thousands, after a march that started early this morning from the sit-in in the main plaza, the Zocalo.    The teachers have cut off the subway access to the airport, and they are occupying  the main access road which  stretches about a half kilometer up to the airport entrance.  Up at the front of this blockade is a line of hundreds of riot cops with machine guns, so the strikers can't get any further.   Overhead the noise of the planes coming in is deafening and the planes are very low.   No cars or taxis or buses can get through to the airport to drop passengers at the airport doors.  Many probably did not make their flights or went back home.  There is the rather comical sight of people shlepping up the long access road dragging wheelie bags behind them, trying to get to the entrance doors.  Particularly well dressed elegant women in spike heels, and Hermes bags trudging the half kilometer, and pre-occupied businessmen, looking worriedly at their Rolex watches, as they rush with their briefcases to their international flights.    As I am posting this, there are rumors going around that the police may move in and try to push the strikers out in the early moring hours.   Yesterday, the teachers' taking of the Senate and Congress, not permiiting anyone to pass, no senators, no office people, nobody, was a historic action.  Now the airport access blockade. .   Last night at 11 pm, there was a meeting of all the teachers' union districts, which met in the Mexico City teachers local hall,  Local IX:  Many groups offered greetings to the meeting, including our comradesin the Grupo Internacionalista, but everyone was then asked to leave and only the unionists allowed back in. There they decided to escalate their action--hence the airport access block.   This action must have seriously disrupted international and national air travel in Mexico, but I don't have any figures yet. Yesterday, the papers described the central district of Mexico City as a "parking lot", with teachers tents and camp sites stretching down the fancy main commercial streets,and traffic blocked.   Late this afternoon,officials of  the Mexican president, Pena Nieto's government, the Interior Minister, announced that at 5 pm they would set up a "mesa de negociations" (a negotiating meeting) with the teachers union.   This after they put full page ads in yesterday's papers saying there was no pulling back on passing the educatoin "reform,", they would absolutely not give an inch.  But now the teachers' mobilization in virtually paralyzing important commercial districts in the capital have led to this move.   However, the teachers are taking it with a huge grain of salt.  After passing the constitutional changes for the reform laws, the governmnet promised to hold forums across the country to get parents, community and teachers' input.  These forums took place, people participated in the thousands, and then......their recommendations were never passed on to the legislators -- the SNTE (corporatist government's corporatist educatio offiicials just sat on the suggestions!    So no wonder the teachers are skeptical of this new move to come to the table.   By the time I got off the subway to go home, I got a call.  At 7 pm the Oaxaca teachers local, Seccion XX, came around to the teachers at the airport access and reported on the negotiations. The government said they might offer some modifications but FIRST, the teachers had to move off the airport access road.  The union said no, they are not moving an inch.   P.S. Gloria had mentioned in her earlier post the problems of students in indigenous communities in the south who don't speak Spanish who will find these tests particularly punitive. A teacher today was working in the Mixtec areas, and she said as early as pre-school, the students will be given test questions, and even if they only speak Mixtec, for example, and get the answers wrong,not only will they fail the test, but the teacher can be fired for this! Also, she said there are trick questions, where all the answers are wrong. This type of racist discrimination is one of the main reasons the teachers are so determined to smash this so-called education reform.