Many teachers were among the thousands of people who demonstrated in Spain and Portugal this weekend Mass protests took place this weekend in Spain and Portugal against 'austerity' measures being imposed by governments at the behest of the international finance institutions and the so-called Troika. As one protester in Portugal put it: "Our future is being mortgaged by the demands of the troika". Demonstrators in Madrid shouted 'No!', 'Resign!' and 'Democracy!' at the parliament building according to the AFP news agency. Unions in both Spain and Portugal are considering a general strike - with Portuguese leaders meeting this Wednesday. Meanwhile on the streets of Madrid, protesters were once again attacked by riot police weilding batons - and there were more injuries. In last Tuesday's demonstration 64 peole were injured according to reports. The video above shows riot police laying into young protesters as they massed in their thousands in the capital in last week's demonstrations.