Thousands of Hungarian teachers and parents took to the streets yesterday to protest the government's education reforms. Right wing President, Viktor Orban, centralised education in 2010, giving his government control over everything including curriculum and textbooks.

The protesters are demanding that autonomy be given back to schools and teachers. They also say that more and more of their time is taken up with administrative tasks, while their teaching hours are also increased. The reforms were imposed centrally without negotiation with teachers.

The head of teachers' union PSZ said that the government had destroyed the education system and created one that was bad for parents, teachers and students. The crowd, which turned up in huge numbers despite the pouring rain, chanted 'we are not afraid' and 'we won't allow it.' The teachers were also joined by representatives from health, public administration and other workers. Their opposition to the reforms is shared by 75% of the public according to polls.