The biggest anti-government demonstration Hungary has seen for two years took place on Tuesday against the government's education policies. Thousands of parents and teachers demonstrated outside the parliament building in the capital Budapest, despite pouring rain.

This is just the latest mass protest about education. At the beginning of the month, students and teachers took part in a solidarity day over the same issues.

Protesters are particularly angry about the control of education by a new body set up by the right wing government. They say that the organisation is in chaos and is failing to fund schools properly. Even more importantly, they say the government is imposing a curriculum which involves hours of rote learning, promotes a political agenda and prevents the development of critical thinking. To make matters worse huge amounts of extra administrative work is being loaded on teachers.

According to one blog from Hungary, however, the movement is about much more than this: 'Mr. Orbán’s regime is building absolute loyalty through fear and by rendering already vulnerable people even more beholden to the whims of those in power.' The blog quotes one of the main spokespeople of the protest, a headteacher as follows: 

“The basis and raison d’etre of the consumer society has been called into question in the last few years. The deepening world crisis has made this burst, like a balloon…The worldview, which considers the happiness of the individual above all else, has made those growing up and even their parents greedy, and less sensitive to societal problems. But we have to recognize that we are not independent of each other–society is not built on just separate elements that are insensitive to each other.”

The same headteacher said: 'we are no longer asking, we are demanding.' Teachers are threatening a one hour strike at the end of the month, escalating to a general strike if their demands are not met. They are supported by 75% of the population according to polls.