colblog2.jpg  The Body of the one of the Murdered Teachers Two more teacher trade unionists have been murdered in Colombia in a continunation of the anti trade union violence which has characterised the country for many years Ramiro Cuadros Roballo was a member of the Colombian Teachers Federation (FECODE) who had received an increasing number of threats to his life during the last year. He had been active for twenty years in the union, was the president of his local federation and had led campaigns for example for the paying of back pay owed by the government. He reported the threats to the authorities but received no protection. On March 24th he was shot by a lolne gunman as he was about to get into his car on his way to work.Another teacher Walter Escobar was reported missing from school for eight days before his murdered body was found on 21st March. Right wing paramilitary groups were set up in Colombia as part of a US lead counter-insurgency strategy. They became increasingly close to the official security services and frequently work together, targeting anyone they see as being against the regime which is now led by Uribe - a man who came to office promising greater security but who is infact intimately linked to both the para military forces and the drug cartels. The result has been the murder of thousands of trade unionists - many of them teachers - as well as other political activists fighting for human rights and against the Uribe regime. For more information go to