Egitim Sen Members attacked by Security Forces in a previous Demonstration The Van branch of Egitim Sen - the Turkish teachers' union has been raided by security forces Six leading members of Egitim Sen have been arrested: Selami Özyasar, Lezgin Botan; Müzait Karakus; Garip Yaviç; Sinan Gündüz, and Hakan Yaman. Egitim Sen has suffered repression from successive Turkish governments because it fights for human rights - in particular the right for children to be educated in their mother tongue. Because they refuse to drop this clause from their constitution they are declared an illegal organisation (see previous posts) Emirali Simsek, General Secretary of Egitim Sen said: "These police raids do not surprise us anymore. Just like all other people struggling for democracy and freedom in Turkey, our members and leaders have always faced this kind of repression. However, they can’t discourage us and we won’t give up our proud struggle.” Education International is demanding the release of teachers imprisoned in Turkey for their trade union activities. Read their article in full at: