Targeting of Yemeni schools by Saudi forces continues in Yemen. The latest outrage happened on Saturday when a school was bombed resulting in 10 children killed and a further 28 injured. With breathtaking cynicism, the Saudi coalition, which is supported by the US and the UK, claimed that the children were rebel fighters.

Although there have been civilian casualties on both sides, reports indicate that two thirds of them have been caused by the Saudi coalition. A representative of the children's organisation UNICEF said that another 10,000 children were likely to die, not only as a result of air strikes and other violence but also through malnutrition and a lack of vital medicines to cure preventable diseases. The number of children killed in Yemen was six times greater in 2015 than in the previous year.

The hypocrisy of the US and UK governments is shameful. While they rightly attack the targeting of civilians in Aleppo in Syria by Russian and Syrian government air strikes, they continue to supply hundreds of million dollars worth of arms to the Saudis to prosecute this war. Moreover they have military advisers working in the coalition war rooms. The Saudi government's human rights record, punishment regimes and subjugation of women is little different from that of so-called Islamic State. Yet US and UK support continues unabated.