Anti-charter school demonstration in New York Ex New York schools boss Joel Klein has been brought in by Rupert Murdoch to try to sort out the scandal which is engulfing his company The multi-national media giant News Corporation, headed by Rupert Murdoch - one of the main purveyors of right wing and neo-liberal doctrine globally is mired in scandal. Its UK reporters have hacked into the phones of murder victims and bereaved parents as well as celebrities, as well as paying police for information, causing widespread revulsion. The contagion is spreading to the US with suggestions that 9/11 vicitms' families have also been targeted by phone hacking. The connection for teachers is that Murdoch is one of the main cheerleaders for neo-liberal education policies such as privatisation, standardised testing, deprofessionalising teachers and destroying teachers unions. For example at Davos in 2009 he exhorted the new US president to take on the teaching unions, telling the assembled CEO's bankers and hedge fund millionaires: "The President must have the courage and the strength to take on the teachers and win . . . if the United States is going to continue to lead the world over the next 30 or 40 years, education must be the way." Murdoch does not rely on rhetoric and exhortation alone. In the US his media outfit is the main cheerleader for the billionaire Koch brothers and their Americans for Prosperity organisation , which was behind the  attacks on public sector workers in Wisconsin (see previous posts). And in New York he is a major supporter of the push to destroy public education by replacing it with charter schools. He has bought the education technology firm Wirless Generation, which develops testing and teaching software. He hired Joel Klein - the ex boss of New York city schools to head up his education operation. Klein's tenure in New York was marked by privatisation, continuous attacks on teaching unions and more and more standardised testing to determine amongst other things pay and tenure for teachers. Parents and teachers have had to campaign against the siting of charter schools in existing public schools. Charter schools - far from being for the benefit of greater opportunity for all as their proponents claim have been found to be checking children's test scores before inviting parents to apply for places. Furthermore Klein aims to undermine the very basis of education - the human relationship between teachers, children and their class mates - by increasingly replacing teachers with technology. He is on record as saying: “Last, to shake up the system, we must change how we use technology to deliver instruction. (This is what I’m now seeking to do at News Corporation.)…  [O]ne of the best things we could do is hire fewer teachers and pay more to the ones we hire. " It is telling this same man - Joel Klein - who has been attacking teachers and purporting to speak for the ordinary parent - has been flown over to the UK to defend the interests of one of the richest families in the world and sort out the disgraceful scandal at News International which is threatening its multi-billion dollar operation. For more information and excellent links on this story go to: