Teachers demonstrating in Namibia this month Namibian teachers have sent out another appeal for international solidarity The teachers are striking for a living wage - in defiance of the leadership of their union NANTU, which has been negotiating for two years and only come up with 8% - not enough on which to subsist. Teachers sent out the following appeal. Please send messages of solidarity to: mailto:fordmildred@gmail.com Brothers and Sisters Please take cognisance of the following:  · Teacher’s leaders have received death threats from unknown sources presumably from the State. · Teachers have been assaulted and arrested in Oshakati. · Teachers are being locked up in the school premises, i.e., A.I. Steenkamp, A Shipena, Olof Palme, etcetera. · Teachers are being harassed and intimidated by various school principals and specifically at a meeting in Rehoboth held on Friday, 16 November, by the Minister of Education and the Director of Education of the Hardap Region, Mr Ben Boois. Mr Boois threatened to punish the teachers by deducting two months’ salary. He also said the striking teachers will be called in one-by-one for disciplinary hearings. · The court is being used to destroy fundamental constitutional rights, i.e. the case against Kaaronda and Katjiuandjo to bar them to speak to us and for sedition.  We demand that the state notifies us immediately that it has ceased with the above draconian methods. That it will respect the Constitution. That it immediately cause to withdraw unconstitutional legal prosecution against teachers and people in our support.  Should it fail to do so, we implore the International Confederation of Teachers and its National constituent bodies to take international action to isolate our state.  Our country is in crisis. On Friday, 16 November, our teachers went to give solidarity to the striking power workers.  Mildred Ford Teacher at Khomasdal Primary School  Please note that this mail had been faxed today to The Minister of Education and The President of Namibia.