School Students in Windhoek, marching in support of their Teachers Namibian teachers have rejected the deal negotiated by their union after two years of talks The teachers are demanding a living wage - which would mean an increase of 40% - the negotiated settlement offers 8% with increases in housing and other allowances. The teachers, who have now been joined by nurses, say they will not return to work until they achieve their goals. The government has stepped up its attempts to intimidate striking teachers. The Director of Education for the Khomas area - which includes the capital Windhoek, sent a letter to principals, requesting that they send her details of striking teachers and  "of unified staff (school secretaries, cleaners, hostel staff) who absented themselves without permission to join their colleagues in the illegal strike action. It is required from you as head of the institution to indicate what disciplinary actions should be applied to these staff members with regards to their unprofessional conduct." Meanwhile 1000 school students, members of the Namibian National Students Organisation (NANSO), demonstrated in support of the teachers, asking the government to accede to their demands.