Demonstration against Cuts in Spain last Month There will be a national strike of teachers' unions in Spain on 22nd May to protest education cuts The right wing government of Mariano Rojay is planning a 25 - 30% cut in the education budget, which will have a particularly harsh impact on early years education, teacher training and rural schools. The unions are also protesting against a hike in fees for higher education and are demanding free university education for all. The cuts will also mean a huge increase in class sizes - up to 36 in secondary schools and even 46 in sixth form colleges. Substitute teachers to cover the first two weeks of teacher absence will also be cut. The May 22nd strike is the latest manifestation of opposition to the austerity measures being forced on the Spanish people - particularloy in health and education in order to meet the demands of bond traders and bankers. Unemployment amongst young people in Spain is now over 50%. Young people and teachers have been in the forefront of protests which have been taking place in many cities across Spain over the last few months.