Temporary Teachers protesting in Nepal last Year Contract teachers in Nepal demonstrated and sat in last week demanding to be made permanent Contract teachers are protesting again in Nepal against their precarious employment conditions. Last year thousands of temporary teachers in Nepal protested against the government's failure to make good its promise to give them proper contracts, and many were arrested by security forces. The teachers, who are supported by the Nepal Education Republican Forum and the Nepal Teachers Union, sat in in front of the ministry of education and in front of the offices of the Maoist party. Last week the government attempted to block sit-ins in front of government bodies through the courts, which the teachers opposed saying it infringed their democratic right to protest. As well as demanding permanent contracts for temporary teachers, the teachers are calling for free education for all and the appointment of extra teachers. The use of temporary contracts is rife throughout the Global South and actively encouraged by the World Bank. As well as the teachers, at the beginning of the month students were protesting against increases in fuel prices and demanding subsidies for the poor.