Two articles have been added to the Research Archive. In "From neoliberalism to structural racism: Problem framing in a teacher activist organization," published in Curriculum Inquiry, Rhiannon Maton analyzes how the teacher-led activist group, the Caucus of Working Educators (CWE) in Philadelphia Pennsylvania has shifted  in how it frames the central problems facing public education since its emergence in 2014, noting how  CWE has increasingly integrated critiques of structural racism in how it frames issues in public education. The article is posted in its entirety.

Trevor T. Stewart and George L. Boggs analyze teachers’ online compositions to explore how urban teachers are using digital platforms to respond to education reform initiatives in the United States.  They suggest these responses in digital platforms demonstrate  important forms of agency tied to communication practices and explore how this agency might be used to support resistance to corporate education reform. The article, "Urban Teachers’ Online Dissent Produces Cultural Resources of Relevance to Teacher Education," was published in The Urban Review. Readers may obtain a copy of the article from the authors.