School Bus wrecked in the Katrina Disaster Teachers in New Orleans won a court victory at the end of June against their illegal firing 7,500 teachers inNew Orleans were summarily fired after the Katrina disaster in 2005. Using the catastrophe as a pretext, neo-liberal politicians withdrew money from local school boards, causing  all the teachers to be fired  and brought in a system of non-unionised charter schools, which according to an important article in inthesetimes has "aggravated divisions between black and white, wealthy and poor, by pushing schools to operate more like corporations." The man who oversaw the destruction of the neighbourhood public school system in New Orleans, Paul Vallas, went on to administer the same medicine to Haiti after the earthquake devastated that country in 2010, with the same dismal results for poor communities. He is now superintendent of schools in Bridgeport, Conneticut, where he is introducing a punishing new testing system, at the same time running his multi-million dollar consultancy business. To read more about the New Orleans story go to this article by Michelle Chen.