Teachers Demonstrate in new South Wales Teachers in New South Wales, Australia are to strike if employers do not reverse a salary cut The New South Wales government has capped public sector salary increases to 2.5% - way below the rate of inflation - unless 'savings' can be made - in other words - cuts to teachers or increased class sizes for example. At meetings across the state, teachers voted overwhelmingly for industrial action in the new school year (January 2012) if the government does not improve its offer. New South Wales Teacher Federation President Bob Lipscome said: If the O’Farrell Government was to succeed with its attempts to cut the real income of teachers, the problems that are already ahead for both public schools and TAFE colleges will be greatly exacerbated. And in times of teacher shortage, what will the O’Farrell Government do? Increase class sizes, reduce release time and/ or put unqualified or under-qualified teachers into our schools? Flawed policies around local employment will only further worsen the situation, as schools in less favourable areas find in increasingly difficult to compete with schools in more favourable areas for the appropriately qualified teachers they need. With the approach of the O’Farrell Government to industrial relations, education and teachers to date, nothing can be ruled out. It will only be the determination and unity of members of the Teachers Federation that will protect our students, schools, TAFE colleges and their fellow members. To read more go to: http://www.nswtf.org.au/editorial/only-determination-unity-members-will-protect-public-education.html